Moroni Books & Gifts is an Independent LDS Retailer and member of the LDS Booksellers Association (LDSBA) and an authorized Deseret Book retailer since 1985. We specialize in products that inspire and enrich families, including books, art, music, jewelry, gifts, preparedness items including food storage, and more.

Our Mission is help you make your home a sacred place with art, music, and books that invite the Spirit and nurture your families.

It is our goal and commitment to offer you:

1) high quality products,
2) friendly customer service,
3) low prices, and
4) a large variety of products.


We carry a wide variety of products from LDS doctrinal books to young adult fiction to books for kids, from CTR rings to heroes posters, from framed art to various size prints, home decor, and gifts for everything in between.

We distribute products from vendors such as Brigham Distributing, Candlelight Media, Cedar Fort, Chad Hawkins Art, Covenant Communications, Deseret Book, Foundation Arts, Green Jacket Books, One Moment in Time, Pillow Tie, Plain & Precious Publishing, R Legacy Entertainment, Real Hero Posters, Ringmasters, Scripture Stickers, Sounds of Zion, Treasured Souls to Keep, and many others.

Additional services:

  • mail orders, 
  • scripture embossing
  • video rental
  • audio CD rental
  • buy and sell used books
  • videos, and audio CDs
  • special orders at no extra charge

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Norma Miller
Moroni Books & Gifts

Customer Testimonials:

Angela Johnson “I love Moroni Books. I love it so much, I went there twice yesterday. You should love it, too.” April 9, 2009