Kenedy’s Hugs

Kenedy’s Hugs


Despite the painful effect of  her desease, Kennedy’s heart reached out with love to hug millions

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“You’ll always listen to the spirit, which is a higher power, and if you do, you will know exactly what to do.”

When Jason Hansen’s father taught him this principle, Jason had no idea that it would be so essential for his family, especially Kennedy. Jason and Heather’s daughter, Kennedy was diagnosed with Batten disease, a terminal illness, but the story doesn’t begin or end there. Kennedy’s Hugs details the precious moments, miracles, and guidance that Kennedy and her family experienced throughout her life’s journey.

Despite the painful effects of her disease, Kennedy’s heart reached out with love to hug millions. Be inspired to face your own challenges as you read this incredible true story of unfailing optimism, real miracles, and Kennedy’s legacy of love.


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